Conducthor GAP
Exothermic Welding

It is well known that GAP is an electricity conductor product used as a grounding system infill to increase and improve the conductive properties of land, optimizing and economizing the necessary results for its proper functioning.

A New Concept

After years of research and tests, we have developed new methods for the correct and efficient landing of transmission lines. We are pleased to offer the best cost/benefit alternative to resolve your most exigent needs especially in high resistivity land.

Our Objetives

Applying the Ground Enhancement Powder GAP to lower ground resistivity, we guarantee:

  • The best cost/benefit performance.
  • Personal security.
  • Low ground resistivity throughout the year.
  • Over 20 years useful life.
  • Compliant with CFE specifications (Electricity Federal Commission)
  • Maintenance free, does not require water.
  • Eco-friendly, does not contaminate the soil.
  • Easy installation.
  • Avoids system corrosion.

GAP Electrical Resistance

GAP was subject to electric resistance tests in LAPEM*, which results were that it has a value of 3.4 It turned out to be the lower value of any product previously used as infill in grounding systems. (See graphic)

Resistivity Ranges in Different Products

Considering from 0% to 80% contained water.


The lower resistivity the product has the highest efficiency it provides.

Mechanical Strength of GAP

GAP was also subject to tests compliant with the C-109 ASTM** norm. The results showed that when the product dries, it hardens and does not fracture with land vibrations.

The obtained resistance in laboratory was of: 14.04 km/cm2.

GAP has a strong molecular adherence between its particles, enough to conduct electricity in comparison to other infill materials with similar resistivity values, since they lack the capacity to harden due to their different intended purposes.

Using GAP in Grounding Systems is obtaining the highest reliability, efficiency and experience from a product specially designed for your needs.


Ground enhancement powder that lowers ground resistivity. This powder is used as an electricity conductor concrete that prepares the soil for effective atmospheric charges draining, optimizing the ground systems.

Technologic Innovation

ConducThor is the result of constant scientific research in our laboratories and 100 years experience in the grounding system field.

The Present Solution for an all-Time Problem

ConducThor ensures reliable transmission and distribution lines with exceptional performance at a lower cost. Thanks to its exclusive formula and exceptional qualities, it exceeds any other enhancement powder in the market.

CFE Mayor Satisfactions

In compliance with CFE 00JL0-28 and 00JL00-52.
Preventive and operative security is achieved.
Guaranteed efficiency of grounding electrodes.
Transmission lines with continuity.
Over 45 years useful life guaranteed.
In compliance with CRETIB (Corrosion, reactive, explosive, toxic, flammable and infectious biological) according to the norms NOM-052 and 053-SEMARNAT.
Maintenance free grounding system.
The best way to install CONDUZIC is with CONDUCTHOR.

Product´s Technical Description:

Ground enhancement powder that lowers ground resistivity, with a 1.5 electrical resistivity and a 5,29 MPa mechanical resistance, in compliance with CRETIB (corrosion, reactive, explosive, toxic, flammable and infectious biological) environmental tests.


25 kg bags.
Three layer bags.

This presentation ensures the hardening process of the product even in humid environments.

The K3404-176/2006 CFE-LAPEM report proved that when ConducThor loses humidity and hardens, the ground resistivity diminishes up to a 1.5 value, which proves that there is no other like ConducThor in the market.

LAB Test Results

Ground enhancement powder to lower ground resistivity:

Not toxic.
Not flammable.
Eco friendly

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