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In conduground, the primary goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs providing the highest quality products and resolving any technical doubt they might have. therefore we count with an specific department with staff specialized in grounding systems installation, that will gladly advice all persons and companies that acquire our products or simply want to be more informed over their benefits and uses, as well as the best installation techniques.

As part of our continuous effort to revolutionize the grounding system field, our installation experts instruct companies and organizations seeking for the best methods and instruments to guarantee their personnel, buildings and machinery safety, through a properly installed grounding system. As a result, we have imparted conferences, courses and training to private and governmental institutions such as:

  • Fire Departments.
  • College of Engineers.
  • The Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico.
  • Mexican Ports and Harbors.
  • Telecommunication Contractors.
  • Network Management Services Contractors.
  • General Contractors.

Conduground also takes very seriously its responsibility to provide the most updated information to all companies and institutions that contact us, which is why we are committed to a permanent training for our staff in subjects such as:

  • Civil and Industrial Engineering.
  • Grounding System Installation Techniques.
  • Grounding System and Lightning Rods Standars.
  • Lightning Rods Installation Specifications.
  • Cathodic Protection Principles and Installation.
  • Uses and Benefits of Grounding Systems Materials.

Please feel free to contact our expert’s team at we will be glad to resolve any technical questions and queries.

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